Wednesday Night Concert Series | August

August 2, The Blenders

This local Gulf Coast band has captivated audiences across Northwest Florida with their distinctive mix of funk, soul, and rhythm and blues. The Blenders is a four-piece band comprised of soulful vocals, saxophone, guitarist, bass, and drums, showcasing their talent along the Panhandle for the past seven years.

August 9, Chris Alvarado

Local singer/songwriter Chris Alvarado has caught the eye of many national music organizations with his rich engaging poetics coupled with acoustic guitar he is sure to please any crowd. Currently based locally, Chris frequently plays at some of the top venues along the Emerald Coast, and was also invited to perform at the 30A Songwriter's Festival, an event that draws some of the nations most accomplished singer/songwriters. In 2012, Chris was selected to perform at the Florida Grammy Showcase in front of a panel of industry judges where he was the winner out of six acts selected from the state. Many familiarize his sound with the likes of John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and Jason Mraz.

August 16, JP Soars and the Red Hots

Not your typical blues guitarist, JP Soars has a diverse musical background encompassing many influences. Soars has toured the globe and recorded several records with some of the most extreme metal bands in the world, before finding his way to blues. These influences are just a few of what give Soars a noticeable style.

August 23, Continuum

Locally based in the Florida Panhandle, Continuum is a 4-piece band that is a combination of electric, folk, and soul music. Touring both locally and nationally releasing various music videos of their journey. Continuum is defined as a connected set of at least two elements, neither of which can be distinguished from one another, and that is what they strive to be.

August 30, Donnie Sundal

Donnie’s career has been as unique and eclectic as the immense portfolio of songs he has written, performed and produced. Providing audiences with a voice and sound that is soulful, funky and always on point, Sundal creates an infectious blend of enthusiasm that is easily spread throughout the stage and audience regardless of the venue.

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