Wednesday Night Concert Series

June Wednesday Night Concert Series

June 1 | Shenanigans

In 2007, four extraordinary musicians and one very average one got together to jam in a living room. (The average one brought the beer.) None of them knew that they were taking the first steps toward turning their very expensive hobby into an adventure that would take them around the world. Well, Northwest Florida, but it's only been twelve years, so, you know ... there's still time. Robert Brainerd, the elder statesman of the group (and with hair so luxuirous we're shocked he hasn't appeared in multiple hair care product commercials yet) spends his nights in Shenanigans throwing down licks so tasty that Emeril himself is trying to figure out how to bottle them up. Jereme Rightley, know to his friends as DJ J-Ri, is one of the most talented drummers in the state, blowing the minds of everyone who's ever held a pair of sticks. He's also well known for taking to the front of the stage, dropping rhymes and entering the crowd with a stage presence that rivals the great frontmen of history. Tommy Siren, the bassist, is what you would get if Mozart and Tom Brady had a love child. Not only does he orchestrate all the music of the band, but he calls a set list live, responding to the energy of the crowd by picking songs the people respond to, making every show unique and catered toward the crowd. Oh, and he can play bass like he's paid for it. (Most of the time, he is.) Rob Brown is the aforementioned average musician of the group. Calling himself the Flava Flav of the Destin area, his quick wit on the mic keeps the crowd engaged between songs, ensuring that even during short tuning sessions, the energy stays through the roof. Crowd participation is the heart of Shenanigans, and Rob makes sure that everyone in attendance feels not like they're at a show, but that they're a part of it. He also owns the most expensive guitar in the band, living the mantra "fake it 'til you make it." Teddy Siren, lead vocalist and lead egg-shaker-maraca-thing soloist, brings not only his vocal talent, but decades of experience leading a band and out of this world charisma to the stage (and various other sections of the bar) to create an engaging, interactive show, letting partiers feel like they're the lead singer right alongside the group. With five seperate personalities and skillsets, Shenanigans creates a show unlike any other party band in the world. It's not a show you go to, it's a show you participate in, and a show that creates memories unlike any other. You aren't asked to sing along with the band, you're pulled up out of your seat, thrown onto the dance floor, and forced to become a part of the entertainment. Shenanigans concerts are concerts that are talked about for years, and are an opportunity to create more memories, each better than the last!

June 8 | Luke Langford Band

The Luke Langford Band is a Florida based honkytonk Band with Texas roots. When it comes to their music, they write it like its country and play it like it's rock. They play country music from the Texas & Red Dirt Music Scene as well as outlaw, classic & modern country music. Some of their favorite artists include Pat Green, Randy Rogers Band, Reckless Kelly, Aaron Watson, Wade Bowen, Cody Johnson Band, Stoney Larue and others.

June 15 | Modern Eldorados

Cobwebs, honky tonks, a broken window and an empty bottle. Ethereal vocals. A conversation between a Gretsch White Falcon and a J-200, lyrics on a napkin, and a real Nudie suit....that's Tyron Lyles and the Modern Eldorados. Faron Young smiles down on this band. Tyron Lyles has consistently evolved the sound of The Modern Eldorados into a unique fusion of traditional rockabilly, honky tonk, and country. His Orbison-esque vocal styling is mated beautifully with a sound that resonates with a deep respect for his musical ancestors and a constant search for footing on a fragile sonic ground.

June 22 | Forrest Williams Band

Growing up in the hills of Arkansas, Forrest picked up the guitar when he was 14 years old and has been playing ever since.He grew up listening to Rock, Blues, Country, and Folk music from the 60's up to present day, which has influenced his songwriting. His style covers a variety of music, incorporating the acoustic guitar and the harmonica.

June 29 | The HooDoos

A local three piece jam/rock/funk band.

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